Cure Tablature Updates

November 9th 2017
The Same Deep Water As You: Robert's 6-String Bass added (PDF)

February 15th 2017
Treasure: Added

January 5th 2017
Birdmad Girl: Major guitar update

December 26th 2016
Doubt: Guitar update

December 10th 2016
In Your House: Corrections for Guitar notes and finger positions

November 18th 2016
Pornography: Added
The Figurehead: More Guitar riffs updated & Bass variations added

June 5th 2016
A Thousand Hours: Bass updated (more accurate???)

June 4th 2014
Another Day: Guitar updated

June 2nd 2014
Dressing Up: Bass outro added & other minor changes

February 20th 2014
Lament: Added

October 24th 2013
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep: Added

October 14th 2013
Stop Dead: Added

April 14th 2013
Friday I'm In Love: Added Perry's Fender VI parts from “Show”

March 10th 2013
Just One Kiss: Added

September 11th 2012
Lost: Bass added

September 10th 2012
Lost: Added

September 7th 2012
Another Journey By Train: Added

September 2nd 2012
Three Imaginary Boys: A few corrections on guitar chords and bass line

August 30th 2012
The Top: Added

August 28th 2012
A Few Hours After This: Added
A Foolish Arrangement: Added
A Short Term Effect: Added
The Real Snow White: Now has a video on youtube

August 15th 2012
The Only One: Chord changes added

August 13th 2012
The Real Snow White: Added

August 9th 2012
The Hungry Ghost: Added

August 2nd 2012
 Doing The Unstuck: Major overhaul, includes Porl's guitar parts from 'Show'

June 5th 2012
 The Blood: Minor, long overdue update to guitar solo

April 6th 2012
 Jupiter Crash: Added

April 2nd 2012
 Object: Added
It's Not You: Bass solo and outro added

December 17th 2011
 Fascination Street: Added

May 28th 2011
 The Loudest Sound: Harmonies added to Keyboard 2, Riff 2

May 26th 2011
 The Loudest Sound: Added

March 17th 2011
 Push: Fender VI part added (Porl's part from “The Cure In Orange”)

January 3rd 2010
The whole site should be up and running now. Please let me know if you come across any broken links.
  At Night: Added

December 15th 2009
  Truth Goodness And Beauty: Added

  March 5th 2009
  The Perfect Boy: Added

  November 3rd 2008
  Shake Dog Shake: Robert's guitar part added

February 14th 2008
One Hundred Years: Guitar updated

February 13th 2008
2 Late: Guitar updated

November 2nd 2007
This Is A Lie: Added

January 6th 2006
Piggy In The Mirror: Bass updated

August 6th 2004
Last Dance: Added

July 8th 2004
Going Nowhere: Added
The End Of The World: Guitar added

May 1st 2004
The End Of The World: Added

March 25th 2004
One Hundred Years: Added

February 13th 2004
Chain Of Flowers: Added

December 17th 2003
Pictures Of You: some bass notes and rhythm corrected

December 16th 2003
The Exploding Boy: Added

December 3rd 2003
A Forest: More of the guitar solo and basic guitar riffs

November 21st 2003
The Figurehead: Guitar riffs updated and corrections on Bass Riff 2

October 1st 2003
Pictures Of You: Added
M: Minor update on bass and the keyboards are started

July 30th 2003
The Same Deep Water As You: Added

July 7th 2003
The Big Hand: Added

June 4th 2003
 A Strange Day: More bass variations added

March 27th 2003
2 Late: Added

February 9th 2003
Secrets: Added
Seventeen Seconds: Added, as requested by Gilles Velay

February 8th 2003
It's Not You: Added
Plastic Passion: Small bass and rhythm guitar corrections
Grinding Halt: Corrected timing of the bass notes
Three Imaginary Boys: Made minor corrections on the rhythm guitar chords and the bass intro

October 11th 2002
The Love Cats: Added
Friday I'm In Love: Bass added, guitar riffs re-tabbed and missing riffs added
In Between Days: Minor Bass correction

October 25th 2001
 Three Imaginary Boys: A single note corrected

June 22nd 2001
 Why Can't I Be You?: Added

April 15th 2001
One More Time: Added
A Thousand Hours: Added some of the bass riff

April 12th 2001
A Thousand Hours: Added

April 7th 2001
A Man Inside My Mouth: Added
Six Different Ways: Strings added
Sinking:Strings and Piano riffs added
The Baby Screams: Small guitar riff correction & piano riffs added

April 6th 2001
Another Day: Added
Dressing Up: Some Keyboard riffs added

April 5th 2001
Siamese Twins: Added

April 3rd 2001
M: Lead guitar riff and solo added

April 2nd 2001
In Your House: Keyboard parts added

March 27th 2001
The Upstairs Room: Finished up the guitar parts and added the keyboard parts
In Your House: Added

March 20th 2001
M: More detail to the rhythm guitar and bass

February 28th 2001
Charlotte Sometimes: Added

February 24th 2001
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea: Slightly more detail to the bass
Accuracy: Added

February 21st 2001
Screw: Xylophone/Keyboard parts added, bass corrections

February 20th 2001
Strange Attraction: Added
Out Of This World: Minor bass changes
Play For Today: Minor bass changes

February 15th 2001
Like Cockatoos: Added

February 4th 2001

January 10th 2001
The Upstairs Room: Added

December 6th 2000
Burn: Lead guitar parts added

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