July 25th 2009
The Roxy

3 Songs Debuted

Set 1

01-Out Of This World
02-10:15 Saturday Night
03-Play For Today
04-The Walk
05-The Caterpillar
06-In Between Days
07-The Exploding Boy
08-2 Late
09-Club America
10-The Real Snow White
11-The Only One
12-Wrong Number
13-A Foolish Arrangement
15-Friday I'm In Love*
16-The End Of The World
17-Three Imaginary Boys

Set 2

18-Underneath The Stars
19-The Reasons Why
20-Close To Me**
22-A Letter To Elise*
24-The Perfect Boy
25-Let's Go To Bed
26-The Lovecats
27-Jumping Someone Else's Train
28-Boys Don't Cry
29-Just Like Heaven
30-Killing An Arab
31-Shiver And Shake
32-It's Over

Encore 1

33-All Cats Are Grey
35-From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

Encore 2

37-A Forest

*=w/ guest guitarist Carl Tapia
**=w/ guest vocalist Cedric of The Xploding Boys
***=w/ guest drummer Cedric of The Xploding Boys

The Roxy
9009 W. Sunset Blvd.

W. Hollywood, CA 90089